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  WVDAA revised Match Rules

  1. Barbless hooks only.
  2. No hook to be left in the water when leaving your peg.
  3. No tins or cans to be taken to the water side, all surplus Bait to be taken home.
  4. No cupping in with a second pole. Bait can be thrown in by hand only.
  5. Every Angler must be in possession of 3 Keepnets, 2 carp 1 silverfish and must carry an unhooking mat.  60Lbs +10% in each keepnet anything over will not count. Some discretion will be applied by the Match Secretary. If you only have 2 Carpsack  keepnets and feel you need a weigh in speak to the Match Secretary.
  6. Only WVDAA members may fish organised events(exception being Sponsored-Fish or matches against other clubs. Guest's may be invited to fish the match prior to the match and must pay the peg fee of the venue fished, but will not qualify for the Golden Peg.
  7. Weighing in will be started 10 minutes after the final Whistle. Weighing in will be done by members drawing pegs 1 and 2 who will weigh the first 5 pegs. Anglers drawing pegs 5 and 6 will weigh the remaining pegs. This will give all anglers a chance to pack up and all anglers to assemble after the weigh in to read out the results.
  8. Verbal complaints shall be lodged with the Match Secretary,then in writing to the Committee within 7 days failure to do so will render the complain null and void.
  9. Insurance: This is covered by a disclaimer included in membership application.
  10. At the Draw for Swims, all Disabled anglers will draw pegs first.. Anglers drawn either side of the disabled Angler will be responsible for getting him/her to and from their drawn peg with tackle and back to their car. Anglers either side of the Disabled Angler should give assistance if required throughout the match. Failure to comply with this rule without good reason could mean a deduction of match points or a match ban at the discretion of the committee.
  11. On some occasions the Draw will be made by the Match organiser and a WVDAA member (Different each week) Competitors will be given a peg on arrival.(to allow the match to start on time) Disabled Anglers will be drawn first so rule 9 can apply. All pegs in the Draw will be deemed fishable by the Match Secretary. and Anglers will fish their drawn peg. No moving pegs.
  12. Junior members under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible Adult at all times.
  13. At venues banning groundbait all Maggots must be riddled.
  14. All competitors must be in possession of a current EA licence.
  15. All EA byelaws and Fishery rules must be observed.
  16. The recommended duration of the match will be 5 hours.
  17. All Matches must be pegged down,each peg must give every angler a practical and reasonable chance to fish their drawn swim. Rule 23 the halfway rule applies.
  18. Competitors may receive assistance to and from their peg for themselves and their Tackle.
  19. Each Competitor may have 1 helper (who must be identifiable) at their peg.
  20. Anglers may receive assistance above the normal extremes of their capability, but within the rules relating to helpers.
  21. No groundbaiting or loose feeding before the starts of the Match, Anglers may plumb the depth,test the float. Mix groundbait,clear swim of weeds and obstructions and position Keepnets.
  22. No wading permitted other than to position keepnets and to place fish into the keepnets if needed.
  23. On flowing waters Anglers may fish as far as the next peg.
  24. On still waters Anglers may only fish half way to the next peg either side of them. Anglers fishing opposite banks may only fish to half way between banks.
  25. Competitors may use one Rod/Pole only. A second pole may not be used for cupping in. Other poles and rods may be made up but not baited.
  26. Any bait subject to fishery rules may be used with the exception of live or dead fish/Frogs/Newts/Crayfish. No artificial lures or spinners are allowed.
  27. No live or dead fish to be in the Anglers possession before a Match. Match officials have the right  to search all bags and containers.
  28. Groundbait and loose feed may be thrown in by hand or by the use of a Catapult/Polecat, Pole cup,swim feeder, bait dropper. No other mechanical devises permitted. Helpers may assist an Angler providing it is beyond that Anglers normal capability.
  29. All fished to be landed at the Anglers Peg.
  30. Competitors must retain all fish in Keepnets that comply with EA standards and byelaws.
  31. Competitors must take all practical steps to keep fish alive, and after the weigh in ensure their careful return to the water.
  32. Competitors, Helpers and Match Officials can request an immediate weigh in and return to the water if Fish are seen to be in a distressed state during the coarse of the Match
  33. Fishing must cease at the final Whistle. If a fish is hooked before the final whistle, the Angler will be given an additional 15 minutes to land the fish. Only if “Fish On“ is called immediately after the whistle has blown.
  34. Competitors and Helpers must make sure their peg is clear of litter. Competitors with litter in their swim will not be weighed in
  35. Any Angler or Helper found to be in contravention of these Rules will be disqualified and may be asked to appear before the committee at a later date

WVDAA Venue Rules for 2019 fixture-list

Springbok: No Floating baits, Barbless hooks no larger than size10.

Holme Grange: No Oil pellets/groundbait, no floating Bread/Hemp/nut/pet food. No fixed rigs, Hemp is allowed in groundbait only, Landing net must be a minimum of 16”.

Chaley Park: No nuts/Boilies

Cheriton Farm: No Nuts/Boilies hemp is allowed.

MBK fisheries: No floating baits/Particle and heavy baits, corn is allowed.

Billhook and Bowsaws:

Sonubaits are banned from this fishery.

Net limit 50lbs.

All big doubles to be weighed and returned immediately afterwards.

No Shock sticks.

No Bolt rigs.

No fish to kept in keepnet longer than 6 hours.

Willinghurst Fisheries: No Floating baits

At all venues Swims must not be left with Rod/Pole still in the water.

You must have an unhooking Mat at all venues and 2 Carp Keepnets plus Siverfish net.

All rubbish must be removed from the swim your fishing and taken home. Your swim must be left clean and tidy for the next angler.

No floating baits at any venues, also no unused bait to be thrown in at the end of the match.

All  WVDAA  rules apply.

In any doubt ring our Match Secretary Keith  on 01276 20303 or Mobile: 07757246075.