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Before we tell you how to join, or what it costs, perhaps we should explain just what you get for your membership.

The WVDAA Makes no distinction between able-bodied and disabled anglers in membership fees. Both are priced at the equivalent of a disabled rate.

The WVDAA is fully affiliated to Springbok Estate. The cost of this permits is included in your membership fee and you receive full membership rights.

The WVDAA also has an affiliation to Godalming Angling Society, Farnham Angling Society and Guildford Angling Society. This means you can join one, both or all three of these clubs through our association, without having to pay a joining fee - you pay just the affiliated clubs annual membership fee for your status.

If you are disabled, with or without a wheelchair, we would advise you first to go to any water with an able-bodied helper. Although many of the waters of our affiliated clubs are suitable for disabled anglers, it is always safer to learn the ropes with a helper before you venture out alone. Our able-bodied, helper members are expected to offer help to a disabled colleague whenever required and, at our match events, it is a rule that all disabled members draw first and are helped to their pegs before the able-bodied draw for their swims.

One of the most popular features of the WVDAA is the Match Fixtures. Around 23 league matches throughout the summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a true match angler, the company and the ’crack’ are great and the fixture list covers a variety of Southern England’s top waters. Also, at just £10.00 pegging fee, including the Golden Peg, per match, it won’t break the bank either. For the lone, disabled angler it’s great, for there is nearly always able-bodied helper members to get you to your swim and, if necessary, help you with your tackle.

So how much is it to join? Just £15 per person joining fee (£5 juniors), then a yearly subscription of £25 per individual (£7 juniors), £37 per joint couple and £50 for family membership of 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years. For the cost of membership to the last three affiliated clubs, please look at the Joining Application Form.

Regrettably the WVDAA can’t undertake the transportation of disabled members to and from a water, though arrangements between members may be possible. All junior members must be under the constant supervision of a parent or adult. Supervision of the young is not something the WVDAA can’t legally undertake.

Want more information or want to join? Then contact
Dave Phillips
1 Lime Tree Walk
GU14 6HU
Tel: 01252 542540
E-mail: davephillips.1@btinternet.com
Or click on the following to display the joining and Disabled Medical forms that you can print out
Must be submitted by all disabled applications