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The 2019 AGM took place on Saturday 23rd February. 10 members attended with apologies from C.Tayler, M. Linkman and Woody. As there was no AGM the previous year, due to health reasons, a vote was taken to approve the minutes of the 2017 AGM. Minutes were also approved of the EGM that took place on 16th November 2018.

The accounts were accepted, by the meeting, with the proviso that the Accountants explained the term “deficiency” and Its figure of £ -500.61. This term indicates the difference in closing balance of the 2018 accounts compared to the 2017 figure. It can be a plus figure or a minus figure. In simple terms it means our association has £500.61 less money at the end of last season than we did at the one before.

It was agreed, that guests would be allowed to fish our matches, providing there were pegs available to fish from and on payment of the full peg fee. It was also agreed that membership fees will be able to be paid by Internet banking in the future and to this end our Treasurer is setting up internet banking accounts for our charity.

The meeting voted back-in the Officers and Committee members, our Trustees and Styles & Co as our Auditors. Following a request to the floor for new committee members, Paul Yarrow volunteered and was duly welcomed by the Chairman to the committee.

Paul proposed that in thanks for the service Ken Ayling had given our charity over the years on his retirement due to ill health, we should have a silver fish trophy in his honour named the Ken Ayling Silver Fish Trophy. It was also agreed that any monies left in the Golden Peg Kitty would be paid out to the winner of the last match of the season.

Following the AGM  the presentation of the trophies took place, but as Danny Hill was not present, Trophies were presented to Paul Yarrow, Terry Spinks and Keith Hutson. (Pictured above).

LEAGUE WINNERS  1st Danny Hill  2nd  Paul Yarrow  3rd Terry Spinks   

CHRISTMAS MATCH  1st  Danny Hill  2nd Keith Hudson
2019 AGM